The National Christian Science Care Database (NCSCD) was created to provide a comprehensive list of Christian Science related services and organizations.

As a web portal, the NCSCD provides a direct link to each of the listed organizations, rather than attempt to keep all the information current and available on this site.

If you are a provider of services to the Christian Science community and would like to have a link to your website added to the database, please send an email with your request to The National Christian Science Care Database accepts no advertising, remains neutral, and does not favor one organization over another.

An additional service and benefit of NCSCD is providing contact information for any government employee or private news organization for any specific U.S. state or foreign country. Questions will be answered by the appropriate “Committee on Publication” (church policy/information) office. This database shows the extent of care available to Christian Scientists regardless of the level of an individual’s physical, medical, or financial condition that needs to be addressed.

You are encouraged to share the attached flyer electronically, post it on applicable bulletin boards, and tell other Christian Scientists about this helpful resource.