George Spitzer

The NCSCD is the creation of George Spitzer, a man who spent much of his creative life helping others. George saw the need for a single site where Christian Scientists could access the numerous support systems available to them.


His extraordinary accomplishments are listed below.

  • Book of the Month Club, Vice President (1977-1993)
    – 5 Grammy nominations / 1 Personal Grammy / 3 Producer & Artist Grammys
  • George Spitzer Holdings Group, President (1993-2004)
    – Residential & Commercial Real Estate / Construction Contracting / Franchising
  • Alta Vista Foundation, Executive Director (2005-2014)
    – Refurbished entire facility / Stabilized finances / Debt-free with reserves
  • Nebbadoon Press, Publisher (1994-2015)
    – Books / eBooks / Radio program / Website design & development
  • George Spitzer & Associates, President (1995-2015)
    – Interim management positions / Special projects

Special thanks to Principia College student Annika Fredrikson for her computer skills, creativity and generosity in creating this site.

I will be taking the reins from here and assuring George’s creation continues to bless countless Christian Scientists.  Please don’t hesitate to send me information, comments, etc via This is our site together.

Thanks to George!

Stephen L. Abbott
February 2016

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