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Each foundation considers applications for grants or commitments only if you personally or your organization's qualifications are a precise match to their purpose. Don't waste your time or that of your organization if you do not fit the requirements listed for each foundation. Do not send blanket solicitations to everyone. Do your research first. Open to Christian Scientists or Christian Science organizations only.

Foundations that do not assist outside their own operations are not included.

For those organizations with websites, you can make donations directly from their website.
PINK=Website link BLUE=Other only
Foundation Name
Primary Purpose
Education loans and grants for nursing, college, camp counseling, internships, language, and guidance.
Individual nursing costs assistance - Southern California area
Clearway Foundation Nursing Homes, Training Organizations
Daystar Foundation Individual financial need to reside at Daystar Retirement Village, Seaattle, WA
The Dominion Foundation Nursing Education, Patient Benevolence Home Nursing Care
High Oaks Individual financial need for care billls
Mid-Altantic seaboard states
Nursing Homes, Camps, Education
Northwest U.S. area
Southern California Individual Assistance
Emergency Individual Financial Need
Special needs for those developmentally disabled
Solvang Trust Santa Barbara Tri-County area
Sunnyside Foundation Texas individual, education, nursing, and other assistance
Zarephath Foundation San Francisco area

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