Christian Science Non-Military Chaplain Programs

The local state Christian Science Institutional Committee will:

– Visit jails
– Visit Juvenal Halls
– Visit VA hospitals and clinics
– Conduct Sunday Services upon request
– Provide a Science and Health upon request
– Provide a Bible upon request
– Provide a specialized Chaplain upon request
– Committees are in the USA, England, Germany

Please click here for a list of Christian Science Institutional Committee contacts.

The Mother Church has an Institutional Committee Liaison who works with individuals and branches in the United States who have questions about institutional work, or would like to submit updates to the above list of contacts. This Liaison, Toni Gaspard, can be reached at


The Christian Science Institutional Committee for New York State held its annual meeting at Fifth Church of Christ Scientist, New York City on November 1, 2015.  Attendees were inspired by an outstanding keynote address regarding this important work by Andrea McCormick, C.S. which is shared in this Special Edition of their organization Newsletter.

We All Live In The Kingdom – by Andrea McCormick


The Christian Science Institutional Committee for New York State is pleased to publish this second edition of “Mary Baker Eddy and Institutional Work,” by former Committee Chairman, David E. Coughtry. We will be forever grateful to David for his tireless efforts in researching this book and giving it to us to support the work of this Committee.

Mary Baker Eddy and Institutional Work